Our Mission

We produce insect-based protein for animal feed stocks in a quest to accelerate sustainable agriculture and tackle resource scarcity with close to no carbon footprint.

  • Driven by a personal desire to address land and resource scarcity and feed a rising population sustainably: we can produce as much protein from 100 m² as 100 hectares of soya field.
  • Dedicated to processing and producing insect-based protein for animal feedstocks at a lower cost with equivalent nutritional value. We do this by taking otherwise unconsumed food on which to raise the insects, returning protein to the food cycle.
  • Experienced in breeding the Black Soldier Fly. This particular species of fly is selected specially for its beneficial, high-yield quality, as it can be processed into a powder, an oil and a fertilizer.
  • Approved by the EU for aquaculture feed, and can be used for feedstocks for the poultry and pork industries and for pet food. We are currently increasing our production capacity to one tonne of protein per day.


A dry protein powder used as a feed ingredient for aquaculture, pet food and other animal feed.

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A lipid product for use as a feed ingredient for aquaculture and other animal feed.

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A natural fertilizer made from Black Soldier Fly frass and their organic waste, for use in agriculture.

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Fly larvae are raised and harvested from otherwise inconsumable food, and then processed into valuable components of animal feed.


Founded in 2015 by couple Syrine Chaalala and Mohamed Gastli, nextProtein was launched to help tackle land and resource scarcity using insect protein as feedstock.

Like most start-ups, nextProtein began in a garage back in 2014. It was born from the personal and professional ambitions of its founders, who were searching for solutions to change agricultural food production while being able to work and live together. Syrine, an Emergency Operations Specialist at the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN, and Mohamed, a Grammy-nominated chemical engineer, identified that they could combine organic cycles of nature with the scalable efficiency of technology, to produce an alternative to wasteful and unsustainable agricultural systems.

The catalyst was Syrine’s experience working in some of the world’s poorest nations combined with Mohamed’s entrepreneurial ambitions. On a program in Madagascar, which had been hit by natural disasters and food shortage, a locust plague decimated crops and livestock pastures while the people went hungry. Having witnessed the incredible ability of insects to create protein – which could feed livestock and therefore the population – the couple realised their dream for more sustainable industrial farming practices, using the life cycle of the Black Soldier Fly, fed on organic waste.


Interested in working with us? We are always looking for out-of-the-box thinkers to join our growing team.

Now with a 15-person team of microbiologists, production technicians and engineers, nextProtein keeps up with and contributes to the latest research and technology, whether based in the Paris office or the 2500m² production site in Tunisia.

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nextProtein is backed by a range of high-profile European investors who have recognised our potential to revolutionise the industry.

Our investors include Xavier Nielʼs Kima Ventures, Silicon Valley business angel Jerome Lecat, Khaled Helioui (investor of Uber and Deliveroo), Sylvie Ganter and Christophe Cervasel (Atelier Cologne), crowdfunding equity platform Anaxago and business angel community Angelsquare and Angelor. Top-ranked French business angel Cyril Grislain (Devialet, Scality, Stripe, Tempow, Agricool) has supported nextProtein since inception, and serves as a board member.

If you would like to discuss investing in our company, please get in touch with us at contact@nextprotein.co

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